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Welcome to our inaugural newsletter…and our very first Solstice lodge and spa: Skywatch. People tell us that the name, alone, gives them goosebumps. Rest assured we will offer you much more than a name to inspire awe, wonder and delight when we finally have the pleasure of welcoming you here.

Our newsletters will share stories about Solstice Destinations: our lodges and spas, the spectacular places we want to bring to you and the people we want you to meet. We hope you enjoy the read and share it with those who share a passion for wild places and last frontiers, for cultural knowing and understanding and for making time for themselves – arguably the greatest luxury of all.

Look Up. Come North.

Deneen Allen
Co-Founder & CEO

Solstice: Canada’s Newest Luxury Travel & Hospitality Brand

I warmly welcome you to the first luxury hotel brand to launch in Canada in over forty years – Solstice Destinations. The first Solstice luxury lodge and spa – Skywatch – will open in August 2018, with more destinations to follow.

The Solstice brand experience has been constructed on a foundation of respect. We have a deep respect for the landscape and cultural heritage in existence in every location we enter. We have respect for the comfort, curiosity and safety of our guests. And we have respect for the communities and the people surrounding our Solstice Destinations. Solstice offers visitors an unparalleled experience of connection – with pristine landscapes, exhilarating adventure, warm and welcoming people, and ultimately, with themselves. As the sun stands still in its course at the solstices, so we offer our guests an opportunity to pause: reflect, rejuvenate, and rediscover the wonder of living.


Skywatch Lodge and Spa is currently under construction, and will be open in August of 2018. The finished lodge will include 36 luxury guest rooms with gas fireplaces and screened porches, soaking tubs and expansive skylights over comfortable beds. Visitors will have access to cozy lounges, dining rooms, a bar, library, multi-media room, local art gallery, wine cellar and beautiful Juniper Spa with indoor and outdoor soaking pools.

In preparation for the launch of Skywatch, the Solstice team has been sourcing unique local activities, art and products to ensure guests feel truly immersed in this special part of the Northwest Territories. The extensive roster of soft adventure recreation gives guests the ability for exciting, safe and comfortable first-hand exploration of the pristine nature abundant in Canada’s north. Rustic yet sophisticated menus featuring locally harvested foods nourish and comfort. The spa experience includes naturally sourced and locally made products. Guest rooms have been designed for optimal private Aurora viewing, with skylights and floor to ceiling windows. A hilltop Skywatch fire circle, two rooftop decks and a star-lit soaking pool offer outdoor opportunities for viewing this spectacular phenomenon within steps of the warm service and comforts of the lodge and spa. Skywatch is the only 5-star luxury lodge in all of Canada’s north.


Canada’s Northwest Territories is a vast, pristine land area of over 1,000,000 km2 and the total population of the territory is just under 45,000 very friendly people. The territory is also home to over 160,000 km of lakes and five National Parks which are home to some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. The Northwest Territories is the middle territory, bordered by Nunavut to the East and Yukon to the West. There are 11 official languages in the NWT, more than any other political division in the Americas. Nearly half of the population of the NWT resides in Yellowknife, the capital city. The people of the Northwest Territories are closely connected to the land and to each other.

There are 33 communities in the Northwest Territories. Of the 33 communities, 16 are connected to a highway system year-round. An additional 13 are connected by ice road in the winter. The remaining four communities are fly-in only throughout the year. In November 2017, the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway will officially open. This highway, and extension of the fabled Dempster Highway, will connect Canada from the Atlantic, to the Pacific and now to the Arctic Ocean at the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, making Canada the only country in the world that can boast this “coast to coast to coast” geography.

Air access to and within the territory is extensive. Four major air carriers fly to Yellowknife (Air Canada, WestJet, Canadian North and First Air). Within the territory, transportation by bush plane (the buses of the north) is a way of life. Planes flying within the territory land on floats, skies and occasionally tundra tires as people and goods are transported throughout the territory in every season.

Our Founders

Solstice is borne of the vision and collaboration of Jerry Zhong of Coromandel Properties and Deneen Allen of Pure North Canada.

Coromandel is a young Canadian company developing residential and commercial real estate in Vancouver, BC. Jerry Zhong, the principal of Coromandel, holds strongly to the belief in the importance of fostering long-term relationships built on trust. The monogram of Coromandel’s logo – the three C’s – form a heraldic knot and represent the interwoven relationships of the past, present and future: Coromandel holds that “without our past, we have no present; without our present and what we do today, we have no future. This essential circle of both life and business represents our steadfast and long-term commitment to our clients.”

Pure North is a Canadian tourism and hospitality development company that has provided consultation and expertise to private, government and Indigenous clients across Canada for over 25 years. For over 10 years now, Deneen Allen, the principal Pure North, has been focused on building a national luxury lodging brand as a platform designed to promote and support Canada’s natural and cultural heritage in spectacular, iconic Canadian destinations. Deneen’s vision has always been “to deliver deeply transformational and transcultural travel in Canada’s rural landscapes and legendary wilderness.

Jerry and Deneen have brought their passion, talent and their commitment to excellence together in the development and management of Solstice. We look forward to sharing more stories about Solstice places and people soon!

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