Rural Landscapes and Legendary Wilderness

The Aurora has held mystical and spiritual significance for mankind since time immemorial.

At latitude 62° N, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories sits directly under the aurora oval. With its semi-arid climate, flat landscape and open skies, it is one of the optimum viewing locations in the world.

This is Aurora Central.

  • The Northwest Territories encompasses 1.2 million square kilometers of untouched lands and pristine waters, ranging from Arctic coastline and wide-open tundra to towering mountains and dramatic river canyons.
  • Yellowknife and Skywatch are located in the North Slave Region, stretching from the north and east shores of Great Slave Lake, east to the Barrenlands and northwest to Great Bear Lake
  • This region encompasses vast, boreal forests and Barrenlands tundra and wide open skies – for the best aurora viewing on earth
  • Our region also offers opportunities to see wildlife such as black and grizzly bears, muskox, moose, caribou, wolves, fox and extensive birdlife.
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